Mashup: Colatron – Lonely Worlds (UNKLE feat Richard Ashcroft – Lonely Souls vs. Fetal Pulse – Worlds Collide)

Just came across this great mashup using Worlds Collide. Big thanks to Colatron  🙂 “Finally, I’ve had the pleasure of mashing one of my top 10 all-time favourite songs… Ever since hearing Shadow mash it live on the suitably titled Live! In Tune and On Time, I knew an acapella had to exist somewhere out […]

Cityscapes Reviewed: WRUV Reviews

Just came across a review of Cityscapes 🙂 Positive one no less. This is very exciting. Here is the link to the original article: [RPM] from Record Union Cityscapes Fetal Pulse review by justintime Debut album from Pedro Acosta Costa a.k.a Fetal Pulse is titled Cityscapes.  The music is Downtempo, Dub and Trip Hop in the […]

EFP For Japan | Music compilation

Proud to be part of this wonderful compilation of electronic music with proceeds to charities for Japan aid. “Out of the Bush” was the included track from Cityscapes. More information below quoted from the Electro Freaks website. Please do what you can. Best, – Pedro (aka Fetal Pulse) “The Electro Freaks are deeply saddened by […]

Cityscapes album released

I’m thrilled to announce the release of  the debut album for Fetal Pulse: Cityscapes Cityscapes contains 10 tracks featuring a blend of various synth and drum textures combined with ambient sounds and organic instruments such as electric guitars and bass.  Early reviews have compared many of the tracks with some of Brian Eno’s work. “Not a “dud” […]