“Space” reviewed by Sonaris

The first review for ‘Space’ came in just in time for release. A really great review from our friends at Sonaris: http://www.sonarismusic.com/sonaris-music-review-space-fetal-pulse-aka-pedro-costa/

…”Overall I found the album an enjoyable, and relaxing, listening experience. Whether for music licensing, ambiance aficionados or the casual listener, everyone can find something to like about this charming indie release. While admittedly a bit raw in parts, the album – much like space itself – attempts to capture every piece and facet of sound and combine them into an auditory journey while making no excuses, which is does well. I suggest you check out this eclectic and original album, and see for yourself. In the meantime, I’ll be kicking back with Habitable World on repeat.” …more 

Electro Freaks: EFP Vol 05: Extended Four Play!

I’m honoured to announce a Fetal Pulse track has been included in this compilation CD from Electro Freaks!  It was Cimmerian Voyage 🙂

“The Electro Freaks are proud to announce the release of our 5th album, “Extended Four Play”! Originally slated to be part of Vol 4, we had so many great submissions we decided to split the album. You can enjoy “Four Play” and “Extended Four Play” separately, or together for a combined total of nearly 3 hours. (Whew that’s a lot of four play!)

EFP Vol 5: Extended Four Play picks up where Vol 4 left off with another solid 19 tracks. This time our returning artists lead the way, but we have more exciting new artists joining us too! There’s something for everyone, featuring a wide variety of electronic and dance music styles, including synthpop, drum-n-bass, electro, dubstep, experimental, and everything in between. And of course, as usual it’s 100% free to download via our Bandcamp page!”