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Fetal Pulse was recently reviewed David Holmes at Imaginary Sound Space.

“Fetal Pulse is the name of an experimental electronic music project by Canadian musician Pedro Costa. ‘Aurora’ was the first video for Fetal Pulse’s debut album Cityscapes, a 10 track album released on the 8th March 2011.

Cityscapes is an instrumental album with a lot of charm and character, mainly down-tempo, part ambient, mostly melodic, the tracks sit perfectly side by side to create a beautifully balanced whole. Pedro puts his musicality to good use conjuring up themes and dynamic changes that always flow and sustain interest. The sounds are colourful and the cleverly designed musical arrangements offer the right sonic combinations at the right times. This is an album that always feels comfortable and welcoming, like a familiar friend whose company you appreciate, time and again. “

David Holmes (imaginarysoundspace)

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Cityscapes Reviewed: WRUV Reviews

Just came across a review of Cityscapes 🙂
Positive one no less. This is very exciting. Here is the link to the original article:

[RPMfrom Record Union

Fetal Pulse
review by justintime

Debut album from Pedro Acosta Costa a.k.a Fetal Pulse is titled Cityscapes.  The music is Downtempo, Dub and Trip Hop in the style of Sounds From The Ground.  It is a slick, urban sound that’s got a good, deep beat behind it.  This combination creates a dark, sleek sound that brings forth visions of the city at night.  Commuters hustling home after a long day, white tiled caverns with subway trains streaking by.  Restaurants preparing for a busy night of hungry customers fueling up for a long night at the club.  An excellent debut that brings the heartbeat of the city to life.

RIYD: Sounds From The Ground

Tracks: 2,3,4,5,8,9,10

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Agua on CBC radio 1 – Bandwidth with Adam Saikaley

Very happy to report that Agua, the most ambient track off of the first album Cityscapes, was played on national radio CBC Radio 1 on February 26th, 2011.

Adam Saikaley is the current host of Bandwidth, replacing Amanda Putz who is on maternity leave. I sent the new album to Adam and he was kind enough to add it to the program for that Saturday.

A big thanks to Adam and to the CBC for their continued support of my music 🙂