EFP For Japan | Music compilation

Proud to be part of this wonderful compilation of electronic music with proceeds to charities for Japan aid.
“Out of the Bush” was the included track from Cityscapes. More information below quoted from the Electro Freaks website. Please do what you can. Best,
– Pedro (aka Fetal Pulse)

“The Electro Freaks are deeply saddened by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We’re all searching for ways to help in this time of need, and we realized we have an entire global community of artists and fans to whom we can reach out. So, we organized Electro Freaks Present Vol 3 in just 1 week as a tribute album and fundraiser for Japan. EFP Vol 3: For Japan compiles an eclectic collection of over 2 hours of music: 28 songs from 28 artists, representing 9 countries worldwide.”

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Agua on CBC radio 1 – Bandwidth with Adam Saikaley

Very happy to report that Agua, the most ambient track off of the first album Cityscapes, was played on national radio CBC Radio 1 on February 26th, 2011.

Adam Saikaley is the current host of Bandwidth, replacing Amanda Putz who is on maternity leave. I sent the new album to Adam and he was kind enough to add it to the program for that Saturday.

A big thanks to Adam and to the CBC for their continued support of my music 🙂