Mashup: Colatron – Lonely Worlds (UNKLE feat Richard Ashcroft – Lonely Souls vs. Fetal Pulse – Worlds Collide)

Just came across this great mashup using Worlds Collide.
Big thanks to Colatron  🙂

“Finally, I’ve had the pleasure of mashing one of my top 10 all-time favourite songs…

Ever since hearing Shadow mash it live on the suitably titled Live! In Tune and On Time, I knew an acapella had to exist somewhere out there. This was confirmed after hearing the mighty Scratch Perverts use it live to great effect on the legendary Unkle Sounds WWIII disc 2 (1999 live recording with frontman James Lavelle). 4 years on, and I’ve found it (along with some other FANTASTIC material I hope to use soon).

On instrumental duties, is Fetal Pulse, the experimental project of Canadian Pedro Costa – wonderful sonic soundscapes that my old mate the Reborn Identity introduced me to a year or so ago.” – from